2G Apparel Custom Request

At 2 GiftedNYC, custom pieces are always welcomed. We want you to stand out and show off your unique gifts and you can't do that looking similar to everyone else. 

If you are interested in a custom order please read the information pertaining to custom orders and fill out the form below with your contact information and short message detailing your custom order request before submitting.

As of right you can only request custom color options on our T-shirts & Sweatsuits in our Adults & Children sizing. After picking your custom color, you can pick from one of the three T-Shirts designs available below in Adult sizes (XS-3XL) & Children sizes (S-XL)

For customers who want custom Sweatsuits, there's only one design available for customization. Please choose your custom color and then your size. We currently have sweatsuits in Adult Sizes (XS-3XL) & Children sizes (S-XL) sporting the 2G Logo design. 


Adult T-Shirts 

  • 2 Gifted 2 Be Broke (XS-3XL)
  • 2 Gifted 2 Settle (XS-3XL)
  • 2 Gifted 2 Give Up (XS-3XL)

Children T-Shirts

  • 2 Gifted 2 Be Broke (S-XL)
  • 2 Gifted 2 Settle (S-XL)
  • 2 Gifted 2 Give Up (S-XL)

2G Logo Sweatsuits

  • 2G Logo Sweatsuits Adults (XS-3XL)
  • 2G Logo Sweatsuits Children (S-XL)

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